Why are Supercars so Popular today?

muscle-carThis is technically the first article on the blog, although I wrote one last week, that was simply a welcome post and hence no actual real content. Today I’m going to talk about why I personally think supercars have become so popular, it what is really quite a short period of time.

1.) Ego

It sucks to start with a negative reason but it would be a lie not to include it. Someone once told me that you never need to own a car that goes over 100MPH. And in a way he’s 100% true, its dangerous and you probably will never use it (or shouldn’t anyway.) So what’s the point of one that goes 200+mph. Well that’s ego. But isn’t it nicer to be able to do something and choose not to. And isn’t it better to be doing 90MPH in style…. Those are my points and I think it helps us have a better Idea.

2.) The Tech

As you probably already know supercars have got faster, safer, more stylish and even (believe it or not) more environmentally friendly in the last 50 years. And trust me it matters to the people! Below is a great infographic I love which looks at the evolution of the 250+MPH supercar.

Evolution of the supercar
Evolution of the supercar

3.) The Money

Again believe it or not there is more money in the world now than 200 years ago, and the average person is CLOSER to being able to afford one of these supercars than in the olden days, and hence by a sheer numbers game, more people do end up buying it.

4.) Ease of Access

My final point talks about how easy it is to get a supercar that you want nowadays. Previously you probably had to drive 4-5 hours to get to your closest Ferrari garage, nowadays they ship to you! But more than that, you can even rent these for a specific time period. For example take a look at the Lamborghini car models, very expensive to buy, very expensive to rent, but you CAN rent them by just picking up the phone! Hence its a lot easier than in the previous years. There is even another easier step called experience packages, the one linked is one I have personally been to for only Aston Martin models, but there are also a number of options if you want a broad range of supercars. These start at only £299 and allow you to drive 5 supercars in a day. That’s cheaper than renting and a lot cheaper than purchasing one.

Why are Supercars so Popular today?
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Why are Supercars so Popular today?
My take on why supercars are exploding in 2016 and why they will continue to do so in the future! Money, Ego and Ease.
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