Why Supercars Are So Expensive (It’s Not what you think)

So we all know that if you walk into a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or any supercar garage for that matter and can’t afford it, the dealers just know. I’ve done this before and they don’t make an effort to really sell to you, its as though they know you’re just a window shopper and not a real lead. And as a result they leave you alone. Now why is this the case? Because its very closely related to why supercars are so expensive too.

The first element in my opinion is their target audience, they aren’t looking to sell to the mass markets, if they did then their “super” car would just be a common car and that’s something they don’t want at all. So as a result the prices are pushed up to avoid the car becoming common or outdated. But this doesn’t really answer why you can’t buy even a second hand supercar for less than 6 figures nowadays. For the answer to this we have to look back to the manufacturers themselves and even before.

research-and-developmentResearch and Development

This is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the industry (and most industries for that matter) but r&d is what is changing the world. It’s giving us electric supercars (shown below) and the ability to drive faster on land than anyone else in history (well the average anyone that is.)

But R&D is also where the majority of the cost for a new supercar comes from. This is why you get a new release that might top £1,000,000 and will still top £10,000 a weekend on our Ferrari hire website, why is that the case for a car that doesn’t have any popularity or proof yet?


Well it’s 2 fold but the first is simply down to R&D, they have so much going on that when a new piece of technology is created to help a car go faster, stay lower, increase acceleration etc. This makes the overall part of the car that much more expensive, as the company not only has to profit for the car sale, it has to pay all the previously unsuccessful R&D testing that came before.


These cars are now available at track days all over the UK. Personally I am very excited about the Electric supercar revolution and I think it will change the way we not only drive, but it will also help us save the planet in the long run. That’s a car everyone can get in!


I’ve found out now how much it costs to do the silly things like put in the industrial flooring into a car agency. The price of this is extremely high which ads even more costs when it comes to super and hypercars. I worked with the guys from ecoflor industrial flooring to give me an idea and he stated about £30,000+ just for floor. Essentially adding a few thousand to each car even before you start!

Why Supercars Are So Expensive (It's Not what you think)
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Why Supercars Are So Expensive (It's Not what you think)
The reason behind why supercars cost so much
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