An Introduction to Hiring Supercars


Hiring supercars is something that I personally have done multiple times in the past 2 years. It’s very easy to do and its also great value for money if you find the right company. You can also set-up deals to hire one car every 3/6 months and get a discounted rate when you do become a returning customer. In this post I’m going to outline how it works, how much it costs and cover some of the key points people usually forget when they first go to a supercar rental agency!

costsHow Much Does it Cost?

So this is the first question most people ask and it isn’t the most important but I’ll cover it first. How much does it cost to rent a supercar? Well there is generally an easy way to calculate whether you should or shouldn’t hire one. And that’s 1% RRP of the sale price of the car itself (for a weekend, day rates are usually very cheap.) If the price is over 2% then I would avoid the rental agency. But remember that there are additional fuel and potential damage excess costs too.

How Does it Work?

how-does-it-workSuper Car hire works very similar to any car hire, although generally there are more background checks as you are dealing with a higher value item. But the basic process is you will find a supplier of the car, usually by searching online (I recommend shopping around.) From there you want to get a quote from a couple of different suppliers, remember to input excess, fuel cost, and if they have a delivery charge too. Then simply go with the cheapest. From here you will need to be “approved”, once you are approved you will receive information on how to receive and return your supercar and it really is as easy as that. As with normal car hire if you are late or do not fill the fuel tank again there are excess fees, and you will have to have a deposit in place.

insurance-excessInsurance and Excess?

This is a big one and its extremely important as if you don’t know the insurance agreements of the cars you are renting it could potentially get very expensive if you get into an accident. Most companies will let you know the excess of the car you are driving, but some won’t actually make a big deal of it. Whereas you might be able to rent a supercar for a weekend for £700. The excess in most cases is well over £5,000! This means if you get into an accident you will be paying £5,000 to the rental agency. Something that you obviously don’t want to happen.

ferrari-californiaShop Around!

I wanted to create an example on here so I selected a supercar model and shopped around for the best prices. Remember I live in the UK at the moment so these prices are all in GBP. I started by simply Googling “supercar rental” on Google and looked at 10 sites across page 1 and 2 of Google. The model I decided to check was a common Ferrari California. There were prices from £750 per day, all the way down to only £350 per day on both and That shows you the sheer difference you can get from just shopping around. Even high ticket items like supercar have a large variance.

Hope you found this information useful. Have a good day. Dan.

An Introduction to Hiring Supercars
Article Name
An Introduction to Hiring Supercars
In this post I will be outlining everything you need to know about hiring your first supercar. What to avoid and what to double and triple check.
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