How to Pass Your Driving Test in 2 Months

One thing I have never mentioned on this blog is that I actually passed my test within 2 months of turning 18. The process I used is very simple and I don’t know why people don’t follow it but I guess many might not be sure about it, so I decided to write this post to give everyone an idea. It shouldn’t take you 6-12 months to pass your test.

Test0.) Theory Test – Pass This ASAP

Most people take time to pass their theory test. Many wait until they are told to take the theory test by an instructor before actually signing up. Most people don’t actually need to revise but obviously we highly recommend it. There are a number of programs that you can use to revise the day before for 5-6 hours and still pass. Assuming you have the common sense and have been in a car for a long period of time.

costs1.) Money – £1,000 should do.

Once you’ve passed your test you will be on the look up for an instructor. This is a very important stage. You want to be able to find someone who can give you multiple lessons a week. Not the standard one per week or 2 weeks. That’s a waste of time for what you are trying to achieve. There’s not a lot of people who want to pass in such a small period of time but you need to explain your aim and the tactic in point 3.

2.) Time – 10 hours per week

As mentioned above you will need to get 10 hours per week in. That’s 5 x 2 hour sessions. Most instructors will be able to take on this amount of work but many people might not simply want to give you this much time. If there is a problem then you have 2 options. The first option is to learn with 2 separate individuals. The second option is to ditch that instructor and use another. You have a goal in mind here and if they can’t help you with this then you need to move on.

Cancellations3.) Cancellations – Tools & Checkers

As you probably know you can’t book your test straight away and even if you book it well in advance you might still not get a space within your date range. Assuming this is the case there is a tool you can use to help you on your way and find places where other people have cancelled at the last minute. The tool I used in the UK is called practical driving test cancellations and is a piece of software that connects to your phone and notifies you when you have a cancellation in your local area. You can then go on to book this slot if it suits you, although the notice is very small. This is easily the quickest way to get a test booked and if you have the confidence to pass in a short period of time I highly recommend it.