One thing I have never mentioned on this blog is that I actually passed my test within 2 months of turning 18. The process I used is very simple and I don’t know why people don’t follow it but I guess many might not be sure about it, so I decided to write this post to give everyone an idea. It shouldn’t take you 6-12 months to pass your test.

Test0.) Theory Test – Pass This ASAP

Most people take time to pass their theory test. Many wait until they are told to take the theory test by an instructor before actually signing up. Most people don’t actually need to revise but obviously we highly recommend it. There are a number of programs that you can use to revise the day before for 5-6 hours and still pass. Assuming you have the common sense and have been in a car for a long period of time.

costs1.) Money – £1,000 should do.

Once you’ve passed your test you will be on the look up for an instructor. This is a very important stage. You want to be able to find someone who can give you multiple lessons a week. Not the standard one per week or 2 weeks. That’s a waste of time for what you are trying to achieve. There’s not a lot of people who want to pass in such a small period of time but you need to explain your aim and the tactic in point 3.

2.) Time – 10 hours per week

As mentioned above you will need to get 10 hours per week in. That’s 5 x 2 hour sessions. Most instructors will be able to take on this amount of work but many people might not simply want to give you this much time. If there is a problem then you have 2 options. The first option is to learn with 2 separate individuals. The second option is to ditch that instructor and use another. You have a goal in mind here and if they can’t help you with this then you need to move on.

Cancellations3.) Cancellations – Tools & Checkers

As you probably know you can’t book your test straight away and even if you book it well in advance you might still not get a space within your date range. Assuming this is the case there is a tool you can use to help you on your way and find places where other people have cancelled at the last minute. The tool I used in the UK is called practical driving test cancellations and is a piece of software that connects to your phone and notifies you when you have a cancellation in your local area. You can then go on to book this slot if it suits you, although the notice is very small. This is easily the quickest way to get a test booked and if you have the confidence to pass in a short period of time I highly recommend it.


The top 5 supercars of 2016 is a tough list to create. I’ve loved most of the new hyper-cars that have been created and found it interesting to see how the supercar industry has been evolving even with the pressure on them to produce semi-environmentally friendly cars. This can be seen through all brands from Ferrari to Aston Martin. Brands now put a lot of weight on how these cars will not only perform on the road, but also at the pump or when broken down from a fuel consumption point of view. This is one of the reasons why I think hypercars are the future. But enough of that, let’s get to the list.

Top 5 Cars of 2016

Noble M600 Speedster

Noble M600 Speedster

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Model S

W Motors Lykan Fenyr Supersport

W Motors Lykan Fenyr Supersport

Lamborghini Centenario

Lamborghini Centenario

Bugatti Chiron

bugatti chiron

What a list.

Some incredible machines here. From cars that look like they should be in a sci-fi film, to cars that could potentially save the planet and allow us to live longer than ever before (without destroying the world.) All the way through to the fastest roadcar of all time. This list is for the petrol head, what a year of cars. As always you can visit if you want to rent any of these.


Why Supercars Are So Expensive (It’s Not what you think)

So we all know that if you walk into a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or any supercar garage for that matter and can’t afford it, the dealers just know. I’ve done this before and they don’t make an effort to really sell to you, its as though they know you’re just a window shopper and not a real lead. And as a result they leave you alone. Now why is this the case? Because its very closely related to why supercars are so expensive too.

The first element in my opinion is their target audience, they aren’t looking to sell to the mass markets, if they did then their “super” car would just be a common car and that’s something they don’t want at all. So as a result the prices are pushed up to avoid the car becoming common or outdated. But this doesn’t really answer why you can’t buy even a second hand supercar for less than 6 figures nowadays. For the answer to this we have to look back to the manufacturers themselves and even before.

research-and-developmentResearch and Development

This is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the industry (and most industries for that matter) but r&d is what is changing the world. It’s giving us electric supercars (shown below) and the ability to drive faster on land than anyone else in history (well the average anyone that is.)

But R&D is also where the majority of the cost for a new supercar comes from. This is why you get a new release that might top £1,000,000 and will still top £10,000 a weekend on our Ferrari hire website, why is that the case for a car that doesn’t have any popularity or proof yet?


Well it’s 2 fold but the first is simply down to R&D, they have so much going on that when a new piece of technology is created to help a car go faster, stay lower, increase acceleration etc. This makes the overall part of the car that much more expensive, as the company not only has to profit for the car sale, it has to pay all the previously unsuccessful R&D testing that came before.


These cars are now available at track days all over the UK. Personally I am very excited about the Electric supercar revolution and I think it will change the way we not only drive, but it will also help us save the planet in the long run. That’s a car everyone can get in!


I’ve found out now how much it costs to do the silly things like put in the industrial flooring into a car agency. The price of this is extremely high which ads even more costs when it comes to super and hypercars. I worked with the guys from ecoflor industrial flooring to give me an idea and he stated about £30,000+ just for floor. Essentially adding a few thousand to each car even before you start!


An Introduction to Hiring Supercars


Hiring supercars is something that I personally have done multiple times in the past 2 years. It’s very easy to do and its also great value for money if you find the right company. You can also set-up deals to hire one car every 3/6 months and get a discounted rate when you do become a returning customer. In this post I’m going to outline how it works, how much it costs and cover some of the key points people usually forget when they first go to a supercar rental agency!

costsHow Much Does it Cost?

So this is the first question most people ask and it isn’t the most important but I’ll cover it first. How much does it cost to rent a supercar? Well there is generally an easy way to calculate whether you should or shouldn’t hire one. And that’s 1% RRP of the sale price of the car itself (for a weekend, day rates are usually very cheap.) If the price is over 2% then I would avoid the rental agency. But remember that there are additional fuel and potential damage excess costs too.

How Does it Work?

how-does-it-workSuper Car hire works very similar to any car hire, although generally there are more background checks as you are dealing with a higher value item. But the basic process is you will find a supplier of the car, usually by searching online (I recommend shopping around.) From there you want to get a quote from a couple of different suppliers, remember to input excess, fuel cost, and if they have a delivery charge too. Then simply go with the cheapest. From here you will need to be “approved”, once you are approved you will receive information on how to receive and return your supercar and it really is as easy as that. As with normal car hire if you are late or do not fill the fuel tank again there are excess fees, and you will have to have a deposit in place.

insurance-excessInsurance and Excess?

This is a big one and its extremely important as if you don’t know the insurance agreements of the cars you are renting it could potentially get very expensive if you get into an accident. Most companies will let you know the excess of the car you are driving, but some won’t actually make a big deal of it. Whereas you might be able to rent a supercar for a weekend for £700. The excess in most cases is well over £5,000! This means if you get into an accident you will be paying £5,000 to the rental agency. Something that you obviously don’t want to happen.

ferrari-californiaShop Around!

I wanted to create an example on here so I selected a supercar model and shopped around for the best prices. Remember I live in the UK at the moment so these prices are all in GBP. I started by simply Googling “supercar rental” on Google and looked at 10 sites across page 1 and 2 of Google. The model I decided to check was a common Ferrari California. There were prices from £750 per day, all the way down to only £350 per day on both and That shows you the sheer difference you can get from just shopping around. Even high ticket items like supercar have a large variance.

Hope you found this information useful. Have a good day. Dan.


Why are Supercars so Popular today?

muscle-carThis is technically the first article on the blog, although I wrote one last week, that was simply a welcome post and hence no actual real content. Today I’m going to talk about why I personally think supercars have become so popular, it what is really quite a short period of time.

1.) Ego

It sucks to start with a negative reason but it would be a lie not to include it. Someone once told me that you never need to own a car that goes over 100MPH. And in a way he’s 100% true, its dangerous and you probably will never use it (or shouldn’t anyway.) So what’s the point of one that goes 200+mph. Well that’s ego. But isn’t it nicer to be able to do something and choose not to. And isn’t it better to be doing 90MPH in style…. Those are my points and I think it helps us have a better Idea.

2.) The Tech

As you probably already know supercars have got faster, safer, more stylish and even (believe it or not) more environmentally friendly in the last 50 years. And trust me it matters to the people! Below is a great infographic I love which looks at the evolution of the 250+MPH supercar.

Evolution of the supercar
Evolution of the supercar

3.) The Money

Again believe it or not there is more money in the world now than 200 years ago, and the average person is CLOSER to being able to afford one of these supercars than in the olden days, and hence by a sheer numbers game, more people do end up buying it.

4.) Ease of Access

My final point talks about how easy it is to get a supercar that you want nowadays. Previously you probably had to drive 4-5 hours to get to your closest Ferrari garage, nowadays they ship to you! But more than that, you can even rent these for a specific time period. For example take a look at the Lamborghini car models, very expensive to buy, very expensive to rent, but you CAN rent them by just picking up the phone! Hence its a lot easier than in the previous years. There is even another easier step called experience packages, the one linked is one I have personally been to for only Aston Martin models, but there are also a number of options if you want a broad range of supercars. These start at only £299 and allow you to drive 5 supercars in a day. That’s cheaper than renting and a lot cheaper than purchasing one.

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I also like to talk about personal thoughts and opinions about cars I have recently driven and any experience days I go on throughout the course of this year. If you have any questions about my prices or if you would like to invite me to one of these days then please contact me.

I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks. If there is anything specific you want to say about the site or any questions you have then feel free to get in touch. I’ll leave you with a picture of the car I will have in the coming 3 months, its a beaut ain’t it!